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Moving home from one place to another is not a five-finger exercise. It can be one of the most daunting and stressful times of your life. There can be the risk of damages of your valuable belongings in the process of shifting or in transit. Moving insurance that if offered by professional packers and movers companies in India can be the best option for securing belongings against the possible risks.

Emigrate Packers and Movers offer you two types of insurance when moving household goods and appliances.

1) Transit insurance
2) All inclusive insurance

Transit insurance for moving

Transit insurance protects you from any damage during transit or transportation. This means, damage caused to your goods during transportation is covered in transit insurance. It also means any damage which was caused before or after transportation, won't be covered. So if there is damage while loading or unloading, you won't get compensated for that if you have opted for transit insurance.

You can directly take transit insurance for moving your household goods from general insurance companies or the movers and packers you have hired can also help you obtain the transit insurance. Remember to collect original bills and insurance certificate from the insurer (insurance providers), if your mover is buying insurance on your behalf.

All inclusive insurance

All inclusive insurance covers damages during entire packing and shifting. So if there is a damaged due to human error while loading or unloading or during transportation, you can ask for a claim. But all inclusive insurance is offered by the movers and packers company themselves and hence you have to be very sure about the credibility of the company.

There will be no insurance policy as such because the movers and packers company you are working with is covering you for any damage during packing, loading, and transportation and unloading. Usually people feel like taking all inclusive full insurance, but it may turn out to be a bad choice, especially if you don't know about the terms and conditions of the insurance and process of making claims. So just be a little cautious and check the fine print before taking all inclusive moving insurance by movers and packers when moving homes.